The right transport and handling equipment to appropriately meet your requirements is specially selected from a fleet of:

–          85 standard and mega trailers fitted for the transport of hanging garments, their volume ranging between 90 – 100 cubic meters

–          65 temperature controlled trucks

–          10 taut liners, 3 m inner height, specially designed for automotive industry

–          28 articulated trailers, 15.4 loading meters, 116 cubic meters

–          21 small trucks also fitted for the transport of hanging garments (35-37 cubic meters)

–          sprinters



All vehicles are EURO 5 and EURO 6 being in a perfect technical condition, thus the transports are safe and prompt.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS system which can provide instant time data enabling our traffic staff to give the precise information to the whereabouts of our vehicles to our customers whenever required. Furthermore, all trucks are fitted with panic button, door sensors, anti-theft device to secure all goods whilst on route.